A. If your initial Social Security disability claim was denied, an experienced lawyer can assist you with an appeal to reverse the denial and obtain your benefits.
B. At SOKOL & MAZIAN, this is a large part of what we do for select claimants whose cases we believe have merit.
C. Ronald P. Sokol is experienced and will represent you in your appeal of the denial of the SSDI or SSI benefits. He will represent you before the administrative law judge (ALJ) who is assigned to try your case.

A. It is a necessity for complete medical records to provide a disability claim.
B. It is important to have the right and complete information ready when making an application or appealing a denial of Social Security disability benefits.
C. It is important, therefore, to the have the support of a strong advocate who is well experienced in the claims appeal process and SSA medical requirements.

A. We have appeared before many of the Administrative Law Judges who will try the case.
B. The national firms tend to hire lawyers with less experience.
C. We are familiar with many local doctors and hospitals.
D.  We are local and not a national firm located elsewhere. We can help you prepare for a hearing. We offer personal service and attention at a convenient location, close to your home.
E. We are conveniently located close to the local SSD hearing office in Orland Park, IL, and the Palos Hills & Joliet Social Security claims offices.


Attorney Ronald P. Sokol will represent you before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) when you appeal your previous denial.

If he is retained to represent you, he will assist you in:

A. Reviewing the complex rules and regulations with you which may help explain why your claim was denied.
B. Requesting a reconsideration of your initial claim for SSDI or SSI benefits.
C. Determining what additional medical evidence to obtain and present.
D. Gathering additional medical evidence to support your claim.
E. Guiding your health care providers as they document what they observe and report about your disability.
F. Completing or correcting appropriate claim form, to avoid inaccuracy or inconsistency.
G. Writing a brief emphasizing your most compelling evidence for the consideration of the Administrative Law Judge.
H. Preparing you and any of your witnesses to testify at the hearing.
I. Examining any government witnesses, including doctors and vocational experts requested by the Administrative Law Judge to testify at the administrative law hearing.
J. Requesting statements from additional witnesses as appropriate; from a vocational expert, for example.
K. Most importantly, Ronald P. Sokol will go into an administrative hearing prepared to rebut, to the greatest extent possible, the Social Security Administration’s adverse medical evidence that caused the initial denial of your right to SSDI or SSI benefits.

Call SOKOL & MAZIAN to discuss your denial with Ronald P. Sokol, an experienced Social Security Disability attorney.