We represent and assist family members, heirs, and legatees regarding representation in probate matters in Cook and Will counties.


A. As experienced probate lawyers, we will reduce the time and aggravation typically characteristic of these proceedings.
B. Even when a trust is in place, which generally avoids probate, the complete administration of an estate often includes going through the probate process.
C. An executor or an administrator of an estate has the legal duty to ensure that the probate proceeding is handled properly and in a timely manner to prevent future lawsuits from creditors or unknown heirs or legatees.
D. The Illinois Probate Act sets forth the various procedures and requirements that must be satisfied in all probate proceedings.

Probate is a court supervised administration of the decedent’s estate to ensure that his/her estate is distributed properly and as intended by the decedent.

A. We assist and advise executors, also referred to as personal representatives and administrator, in the execution of his or her fiduciary duties regarding an estate.
B. Our years of experience handling probate cases mean that we are prepared to assist in a smooth probate process.
C. Our goal is to eliminate or reduce disputes between heirs and legatees, and the executor.
D. Our primary aim is to ensure that the decedent’s wishes are properly carried out in the administration of the will.
A. Part of the probate process includes conducting a search for heirs of the decedent and notifying any potentially interested parties.
B. This process may include publication of legally required notices and communication with individuals who might have contact information for missing heirs.
A. Admittedly, probate can be a relatively expensive process, but if it must be filed, it is also the most orderly and safest way of collecting and distributing assets and carrying out the wishes of someone who has died.
B. Illinois’ probate procedure has been simplified when Independent Administration is used.
A. If you are you in need of a reliable attorney to handle probate proceeding, you should retain an experienced and trustworthy probate lawyer.